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Life can be very hectic and stressful at times, and most of us don’t really keep in mind how important it is to take care of ourselves. Great health and fitness is very crucial. The healthier and stronger we are, both physically and mentally, the easier we’ll be able to handle some of life’s challenges. And let’s not forget about all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.First of all, start eating healthy. Eating poorly will effect the way you look, it will effect your mood, the way you physically feel, your mental health and even things like your skin and hair. All in a negative way. The best way to go, is to start to Eat Clean. This way you’ll be giving your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly. And I promise, it won’t take long until you start to feel so much better.Second, get up and exercise. Our bodies are made to be in activity. If we don’t exercise chances are that we will gain weight, which can lead to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and our muscles and bones will get weaker. If that wasn’t enough, not exercising will lead to lack of endurance and energy, making ordinary daily chores difficult. Exercise is good for us because it strengthens our heart, lungs, muscles, bones and joints. It releases endorphins which make us feel good, and decreases our chance to get diseases. Without exercise our bodies will deteriorate.Tips to help you live a healthy life:- Cut out processed foods
- Cut out saturated fats, refined sugar and salt
- Replace simple carbs like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta, with healthy whole wheat products
- Replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes
- Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables
- Eat more fish and lean meats
- Eat more unsalted nuts and seeds for the healthy fats
- Drink lots of water
- Get enough sleep every night
- Drink less alcohol
- Drink less coffee and other caffeine filled drinks
- Stop smoking
- Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week, some cardio and some strength training
- Try to meditate, or do yoga to relieve stress
- Be kind to others
- Avoid negative people
- Find a little time for “Me time” every single day. Do something that makes you feel good

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The Era of Digital Photography

Digital photography could be described as a form of photography that utilizes digital technology to make digital images of subjects. It is indeed one of several forms of digital imaging. It has been adopted by many amateur snapshot photographers who take advantage of the convenience of the form when sending images by email, placing them on the internet or displaying them in digital picture frames. The technology was used in astronomy long before its use by the general public and had almost completely displaced the existence of photographic plates.However, with the acceptable image quality and other advantages of digital photography the majority of professional news photographers have begun capturing their images with digital cameras. Some other commercial photographers and many amateurs have finally embraced digital photography because they believe that its flexibility and lower long term costs outweigh its initial price disadvantages.Advantages of digital photography over traditional film includes, instant review of pictures with no wait for the film to be developed. If there is a problem with a picture, the photographer can immediately correct the problem and take another picture. Minimal on going costs for those wishing to capture hundreds of photographs for digital uses, such as computer storage and e-mailing but not printing. If one already owns a newer computer, permanent storage on digital media is considerably cheaper than film.Photos may be copied from one digital medium to another without any degradation. Pictures do not need to be scanned before viewing them on a computer and the ability to print photos using a computer and consumer grade printer. Ability to embed metadata within the image file such as the time and date of the photograph, model of the camera, shutter speed, flash use and other similar items to aid in the reviewing and sorting of photographs.Actually, the increasing popularity of products such as digital photo frames and canvas prints is as a result of the increasing popularity of digital photography. Moreover, some commercial photographers and amateurs interested in artistic photography have been resistant to using digital rather than film cameras because they believe that the image quality available from a digital camera is still inferior to that available from a film camera and the quality of images taken on medium format film is near impossible to match at any price with a digital camera.The film photography requires continuous expenditure of funds for supplies and developing, although the equipment itself does not outdate so fast and has a longer service life. To be honest and realistic, what is not commonly understood is that digital photography and photos that speak directly to the customer is a critical and absolutely part of print communication.Indeed, film cameras have limited ability to handle meta data, though many film cameras can also imprint a date over a picture by exposing the film to an internal LED array or other device which displays the date. Film should be stored under archival conditions for maximum longevity. This should not be a problem for digital images as perfect copies can be made and stored elsewhere. Film images can also easily be converted to digital with some possible loss of quality.Finally, the technology of digital photography has put the process of developing and processing pictures into the hands of the consumer. Almost all of the cost of digital photography is capital cost, meaning that the cost is for the equipment needed to store and copy the images and once purchased, it virtually requires no further expense. It is also very important to know that the differences between film and digital photography are far less significant than the differences between painting and film photography. Digital photography has finally come of age.

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Plan Your Lifestyle, Then Business

It is impossible to separate the lifestyle we lead from other areas of our lives. The jobs we do, the business we have, and where we live all affect the quality of life. I honestly believe that to build a successful business you have to envision the lifestyle you desire to have first. For example, it does not make sense for me to start a fishing business when I hate fish. Regardless of how much money I make, I will hate every second of the process. Wealth is not only measured in terms of money but the fullness of life we enjoy as a result.Lifestyle design or lifestyle entrepreneurship is designing your business around the lifestyle you want. Lifestyle design is something that became important to me when I had my first child. I knew I did not want to spend hours working away from my children but at the same time I needed to provide for them. I was determined my children were not going to spend countless hours in daycare and as a result I negotiated with my boss to design my job in such a way where I can still spend quality time with my baby. Even though I did not have an official terminology for it then, I never based my decision on taking a job based on money alone. The job had to be flexible enough to grant me the lifestyle I desired.Now fast forward fifteen years later, I treat my business with the same mindset. I was not afraid to do away with all the traditional norms of starting a business and building a business that will afford me the lifestyle I love. I have been truly blessed all through this process.Planning a lifestyle businessFirstly – specific and measurable goals
If you throw a penny up, it will come down: One truth we cannot escape is that we will most likely end up in the direction we are heading. We cannot meet the goals we set for ourselves unless we aim for them. So if you want to design a business that accommodates your desired lifestyle, you have to become very specific. In other words, you need specific and measureable goals.For instance, rather than saying, “I want to lose weight” say “I want to lose 10 pounds in 3 months”. Having specific and measurable goals can translate in any area of life. If your lifestyle goal is to spend your winters somewhere warm then you need to incorporate that preference in your business. You will need to think of a way to structure your business where:
You make enough money to afford the lifestyle

Your business is mobile/ flexible enough where leaving your permanent residence for a whole season will not disrupt cash flow.
If you do not take your preferences into consideration, what ends up happening is you grow a business you learn to hate and you find yourself stuck in a hamsters wheel. Planning a lifestyle business is less complicated than people make it.Secondly, identify what you need to know and learn
In the case of losing 10 pounds in 3 months, you would need to know how to lose 10 pounds in 3 months. When you have clear specific goals, then knowing what you need to know will come quite easy.Thirdly, write some actionable steps you can take to get started
Once you know what you need to know, you need to write some actionable steps on how to gather the information you need. To lose 10 pounds in 3 months, you can do the following:
Buy a book on how to loose 10pounds in 3 months and do it yourself

Research online for some practical steps on losing 10 pounds in 3 months

Hire a personal trainer

Join a gym
Your actionable steps should be written in such a way where it takes you one step further than you are today. You do not need to know how to get to the end line but each action should lead you to the next one which eventually takes you to the end line. For instance if you were totally clueless, you can hire a personal trainer to take you through the process. When you hire an expert, you get the advantage of having someone help you to the finish line faster than you can do on your own.We often have a mental picture of what we will like to achieve. But until we write down our goals and create a system for measuring our progress we are likely not to take action.Lastly, ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the price?
This is a hard question: I hear men talk about wanting a close family, but they aren’t willing to place their family ahead of their career or hobbies. Someone says they want to advance in their career, but they aren’t willing to gain the education necessary. Achieving success at anything requires a certain level of sacrifice. Some people may want to attain the level, but they aren’t willing to invest what is required to get there. At some point you will have to determine if you are ready to make the required sacrifice.After you figure out what is required of you, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price. Do not start unless you honestly answer this question or you will never finish. Don’t answer this question too quickly but spend some time wrestling with this question and be truthful to yourself. If you do decide to pay the price, share your goal with someone who can keep you accountable.To achieve anything in life, you need to do things differently. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.

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